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Bravo: Tell me Rob: How do you become a Hero?
Rob(laughing out loud): Am I a Hero?

B: For the fans you are. You play the outsider, who everyone loves...
R: It's great to be a outsider

B: Are you talking from experience?
R: I was a loner in school. But you know what? It's a compliment and the best thing that could have happened to me. When you are different from everybody else, it helps to be creative.(thinking) Maybe my point of view is a bit too romantic.

B: It's ok to be romantic...
R: (grabs his hair and looks to the ground): I love being different. I don't want to listen to other people or adjust myself, to ful fill expectations. As a outsider I became what I am.

B: Are you the same in relationships?
R: In relationships and friendships you have to adjust, so that it works together. Isn't it the best proof of love to work on yourself, because you love the other person so much. But u shouldn't fake it just to be liked.
Taylor: At school I didn't have many friends either. Most of the time I was alone.
Kristen: We all feel like outsiders from time to time. Like today I felt like an outsider and I'm sure that the most popular girl felt lonely and misunderstood. I know how it feels to be unpopular. It shouldn't bother me what people say about me but some times it's hard, even for me.

B: In the movie you are perfect heroes. What about in your private life? Would you change some thing there?
T: I want to be so wild and strong like the werewolf-boys. I'm often shy and silent. Sometimes I want to be more extroverted.
R: I want to be a bit shorter.
K: (rolls her eyes): You are such an idiot, Rob! I don't understand why you say such stupid things (Rob smiles embarrassed. Kristens shakes her head) What is going on with you? Did u drink to much coke?
R: I have really long arms and legs and I'm total klutz. It isn't very elegant. If I ever had to dance on a stage I would die of shame. I'm not afraid of normal appearance an more. I hope I can remember this moment 20 years from now.

B: Rob, you've accomplished a lot? Is it easy for you?
R: Sometimes I have to be motivated, to move my ass. I have the bad habit of hang ing around. I have two options: either I want to do ever thing at once or I don't want do anything.

B: And if you're heart broken, do you lock yourself up?
R: Oh no! You never should drown in sadness

B: ...like Bella after the breakup?
K: I think it is important to go through a break up. Look at Bella: In the end she is stronger than before, because she found herself. Girls always want some body who watches over them. But first you have to be strong. Then u can have a happy relationship.
T: I think the love triangle is really hard, in the movie. I feel sorry for Jacob, because Bella dosen't love him back. When I read the book, I was like I don't wanna experience that!
R: Being heart broken always feels terrible. You have to go outside, meet some friends. But you shouldn't ignore the pain, because some day it's going to come back. But when you are young it doesn't matter – after 5 days you fall in love again with some one else.

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